Greater Harmony Chorus is a dynamic a cappella women's chorus that teaches the art of vocal harmony, provides outstanding musical entertainment throughout the Pittsburgh area, and offers unlimited opportunities for personal growth.   More about Greater Harmony....

Find YOUR Voice with US!!

Greater Harmony welcomes women of all ages every Tuesday night.  At the present time, our youngest member is 12, and our oldest member is 80 plus.....and we all have great fun together.  First, we sing for the health benefits of it.  Professor Graham Welch, University of Surrey, UK, states research shows that people who sing are healthier than people who don't.  Singing gives the lungs a workout, tones up abdominal muscles, and stimulates circulation.  It makes us breathe more deeply than strenuous exercise, and it's just FUN!!  If that isn't enough for you, we dance, too!!  We have the most enthusiastic director and choreographer who "bring it" EVERY week causing us to always look forward to Tuesday rehearsal.

Fun at our recent guest night

Fun at our recent guest night

We are also a travelling chorus!  We have been to Italy, Ireland, and most recently, France where we did memorable performances at the American Cemetery at Normandy, Gold Beach, and two in Paris.  Where to next ?   We are working on it!  In addition, Sweet Adeline, Intl. competitions are held all over the United States and everyone is encouraged to attend.  Regional and International events provide the opportunity to watch, learn about, and enjoy the art of four-part harmony.  

Singing at the American Cemetery in Normany

Don't wait.  Start singing today with Greater Harmony.  Every rehearsal is open to all.  Become a star with us!!


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