Greater Harmony Chorus Quartets

Greater Harmony Chorus is proud to have the following quartets associated with our chorus.  We endorse all of them as excellent singers and entertainers, suitable for any occasion...


Meet our newest quartet:  DAYBREAK.

The members of Daybreak are:
  • Sara Clevanger - lead
  • Allison Hengelsberg - bass
  • Mim Manual - baritone
  • Nancy Conway - tenor


Sara Clevenger joined Sweet Adelines at the age of 14, as a part of Border Lakes Region 2 of Michigan/southern Ontario. Sara sang with her mom in the Fenton Lakes Chorus and in their quartet, Fandangle. Sara has had the pleasure of singing in several choruses and quartets through the years, with no prouder moment than to share the stage with her mom as their quartet, Surefire became Regional Champions in 2015. Sara is a member of the Greater Harmony Chorus’s Music Team, serving as Visual Team Leader and Assistant Director. Sara spends her professional life as a Mergers & Acquisitions Advisor, assisting business owners with their ownership transitions.  Her passions include travel, Big Ten Football, her beloved pets, and sharing the love of harmony with friends and family!

Mim (Margie) Manuel has been an active member of Sweet Adelines since 2004, and
has been a member of several choruses and quartets through the years. She has held different music and visual team roles, including costume chair, and is the assistant baritone section leader in the Greater Harmony Chorus. Other interests include baking and being a new Nana to her 1st granddaughter.


Allison Hengelsberg has been singing barbershop harmony since 1995. Originally from the Pittsburgh area, she and her husband both got involved in barbershop when they moved to Wisconsin for his job.  Allison has sung in several quartets and choruses through the years, including the perennial top 10 City of Lakes chorus in Minneapolis, and Wicked,the 2018 Sweet Adelines Region 17 championship quartet.  She holds several leadership positions at Greater Harmony and is also the Membership Coordinator for Sweet Adelines Region 17. Allison is thrilled to be able to share the joy of quartetting with three other amazing women who are dear friends.


Nancy Conway grew up in a barbershop family and has been a member of Sweet Adelines since 1986   . She has enjoyed singing in choruses and quartets over the years, including Wicked, the 2018 Sweet Adelines Region 17 championship quartet. Her musical leadership  roles have included section leader, assistant director, and director.  Singing a wide variety of styles, from jazz to commercial jingles, she busked her way across Europe in her youth, and sang in an 1860's "museum band" in period clothing for 15 years. In civilian life, Nancy is happy to be retired so she can focus on visiting her kids in Atlanta and *barbershop!*

General public contact: Allison Hengelsberg
State: PA

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